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dotAlert and dotDefender Bundle Virtual Free Trial
dotAlert and dotDefender Bundle Virtual Free Trial

dotAlert and dotDefender together effectively alert web administrators to attempted attacks on your servers and allow instantaneous IP-address blocking. dotAlert & dotDefender protect your virtual server that shares resources with other virtualized servers.

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Operating System*:
Windows 2012 or R2
Windows 2008 - 32 Bit
Windows 2008 - 64 Bit

Description System Prerequisites Server Information

30 day free trial of dotAlert and dotDefender for a virtualized server.

dotAlert notifies you in real-time of security breach attempts, that's powerful.

How it works

  • dotAlert sends alerts to website administrators via text message or email if a website is under attack.
  • dotAlert is integrated with dotDefender to read the log files of the firewall in order to send the alerts.
  • The firewall blocks the threat, while dotAlert sends out an alert to the administrator when there is an intrusion attempt.
  • Alerts are filtered on five dimensions: type of threat, severity, velocity/frequency, time of day/day of week, and the role of each admin.


  • dotAlert was designed to be affordable for small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Some 24/7 protection services can cost as much as $2500/month.